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Cherry Blossom Featuring Cardinal Wind Spinner

Cherry Blossom Featuring Cardinal Wind Spinner

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Welcome to our serene sanctuary of garden delights, where nature's beauty meets artistic craftsmanship! Introducing our Cardinal Cherry Blossom Wind Spinner, a mesmerizing addition to any outdoor space that effortlessly combines the grace of cherry blossoms with the vibrant charm of cardinals in flight.

What truly makes this wind spinner special is the addition of charming cardinal accents. These beloved birds, with their vibrant red plumage and distinctive songs, add a pop of color and personality to the serene beauty of the cherry blossoms, creating a scene straight out of a tranquil garden oasis.

Whether you're seeking a focal point for your outdoor retreat or simply looking to add a touch of nature-inspired artistry to your surroundings, our Cardinal Cherry Blossom Wind Spinner is sure to delight. Let it spin and twirl in the gentle breeze, bringing joy and serenity to your outdoor space with every flutter of its petals and flight of its cardinals.

With easy installation and weather-resistant construction, this wind spinner is designed to provide years of enjoyment, making it the perfect gift for gardeners, bird lovers, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world. Bring a touch of springtime splendor to your outdoor sanctuary with our Cardinal Cherry Blossom Wind Spinner today!

10 inch round

Made of aluminum

High strength

Long-lasting performance


Flexible and Sturdy.

Wind Spinners are powder-coated for maximum rust resistance, corrosion-resistant. Our hanging wind spinner is easy to unfold with smooth edges won't hurt you.

***Wind Spinners are made at time of order. Color variations may vary due to computer resolution 

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